Wednesday, 14 October 2020


our first day back,

as I started resizing photographs for the blog, I wondered if the crows would come back, not having any peanuts left out for them in the past week,

I need not have worried, in no time the one with the damaged claw was back,

I had left the window open, 

and it spotted a peanut that was inside, so the cheeky thing lent into retrieve it!

next its mate arrived,

as did two of the foxes,

more please!

we had decided to eat out for Sunday lunch, we had made a reservation at the Elm Tree,

Diana choose the belly of pork,


for myself I went with the lamb, sans gravy,

for desert Diana went for the dessert of the day,

I am not sure what it was, but Diana said it was delicious, I had a Jamaican coffee,

meal over I just had to have a pose outside,

arriving home a second Jamaican coffee, then feet up for two films from the sci-fi box, firstly Battle of the Worlds

back in 1961 it was thought in the future we would have a fleet of space ships, and it was just our luck that they were attacked by flying saucers! great fun, especially if you like Claude Rains, popping into the kitchen, not something I make a habit of, I notice one of the foxes,

was taking advantage of our sunbed, settling down to our second movie of the day,

 titled Unknown Worlds, fearing a nuclear attack there is only one place to go, to the centre of the earth! a giant drilling machine and crew make the perilous journey, after a snack, in the evening there was a 2 hour Poirot showing, so we watched that, then rounded the evening off with a New Tricks, next for us we were off to bed.

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