Saturday, 13 December 2008

After The Play It Was Out To Eat,

and as we had such a good time there we decided to go back to the Malibu, just a few hundred meters along from it's old location in Soi Post Office, it is on the same side of Second Road,
the entrance arch is easy to find,
it is a cabaret show,
with lots of lively dancers, and costumes,
some very reveling!
the performers are lip sinking to records,
as I said it is a lively show!
but also you can have a meal whilst the show on,
the dresses must have cost a fortune!
and all were perfect,
Diana had chicken Cordon Blue,
and for me a pepper steak,
the performance was non-stop,
all of the costumes looked very nice,
as did the dancers,
the hair styles were also good,
Jeff, the foreign devil that he is, chooses a table where I had to sit by the stairs that the dancers had to go down to mix with the audience,
naturally the Grace Jones look alike made a bee line for me!
"Cheers!" from me and Diana,
and of course Jeff and Da,
there were a few youngsters that enjoyed the show,
especially when Tina Turner came on stage,
the "Nutbush City Limits" never sounded so good,
then out of the blue these guys showed up, well only one in the picture, but they looked really strange, only they know what they were thinking!
once again the costumes were really nice,
and of course there was the comedy show, I did not get it myself, but all the Thia's in the audience howled with laughter!
and of course there was a traditional Thai dance,
complete with long fingernails,
and part of the show was that you could have a drink with the performers,
and very pretty some of them were,
as you can see,
this one had a coconut cocktail,
for me I preferred the pineapple,
then the show started in earnest,
colorful costumes,
and hats!
naturally Jeff having sat me close to the steps I could not get away!
but never could Jeff!
Da and Jeff having a great time,
Jeff was really having a ball,
I still had a bit to much attention!
then Tina Turner came back on stage for another number,
I can not remember what it was called, but every one seemed to have a good time,
with lots of laughter,
after that Tina came on stage again in another different coustume,
but shock, horror, she was defrocked, Tina was really Tom!
but the show went on,
with more changes of clothes,
and coustumes,
after we finnished the wine we went over to cocktials,
then the bekinie show,
which all of the audiance liked,
there are times when I wished I was not so close to the stage,
by this time Diana had a couple of cocktails, well she was doing quite well for some one who does not normally drink,
then the fun started as a limbo dance got under way,
after seeing this I decided not to have a go,
it would have been in poor taste to have beaten the locals! all to soon Grace Jones was back, in Diana's words, "sacary dairy!"
Diana said that she was not drunk, she had "tired eyes!"
Jeff and Grace Jones,
the two girls having fun,
for some reason the performers took quite a liking to Jeff,
if you see what I mean,
oh, after the cocktails we went back to vodkas and gins,
but there was no getting away from it, Jeff had some sort of magnatisum about him,
but I think it could have been the tips he was giving them! all in all a great night out, the main course meals were only 240 baht each with the show thrown in, we all had a huge laugh as we did the last time we were here, so if one evening you have nothing to do, call in and watch the show and have a meal as well, great night out, oh I may not have mentioned this but a number of the performers are not quite what they seem, I am sure you can work out which is which! "Cheers!"

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