Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Lunatics That Write The Health And Safety Laws Should be Locked UP!

in what can only be describe as total madness, health and safety laws have meant that a nighttime carol services has had to be scrapped, the 16-strong Collegium Vocale choir has spent weeks practising Handel's Messiah for the festive performance at tiny St Stephen Church, it is located in the grounds of the Kingston Lacy Estate near Wimborne, Dorset, although the 100-year-old building has electric lighting they feared that in the event of a power cut a member of the audience could come a cropper in the darkness, the choir, which has performed in Westminster Abbey and Chichester Cathedral in the past, will now do a summer time concert, Rev Dr Stewart-Sykes said: 'We regret having to cancel the concert but we must be mindful of the requirements needed to conform with the law, 'I have liability insurance for services but we believe it only covers volunteers so may not apply to a paying concert, rather than take a risk, we have regretfully decided that the best option is to cancel, total and utter madness in the health and safety laws, the lunatics have won again!

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