Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Jeff, Mick And Myself Go Out On The Town,

so Da, Mas and Diana got some food in for themselves,
Diana pretending how to cook!
the girls could not get rid of us quick enough, food and a couple of horror movies were all they wanted tonight,
first stop Third Road, there were a couple of bars behind us that we went to, but I forget the names,
then to Oasis in Soi Bukoaw, more of a afternoon bar, but still good fun in the evenings,
we then made our way to LK Metro and passed another one of the VW camper vans that had been converted into a mobile bar,
and eventually popped in to Champagne a go-go,
it was then a short drive down to Beach Road to the World Wide a go-go, by now you are guessing correctly it was a go-go bar crawl! we also called into another 2 or 3 go-go's in the area,
next Pattayaland Soi 3 for a trip to Kittens Club,
a little bit further down we called in to another bar but the name escapes me,
we were by now more staggering than walking but we made it to Walking Street, which was crowded with families with their young kids, nearly fell over two of the ankle bitters! they should not be out with kids and prams after midnight, but then I am a bit old fashioned,
we found our way to Soi Diamond and called in to The Windmill, in my view one of the nicest places for single young guys to call into to have a beer or four!
a little bit further on in the narrow Soi that runs past Soi Diamond towards Second Road,
we called into Mirage, managed by Russ (AKA Tatters),
myself, the Thai manager, Mick and Russ,
on our way home and it was time for food,
chicken leg for me and Mick, with wings and rice for the girls,
we bumped into a couple of old friends on the way home,
when we got home the food was delicious, Cheers!

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Alfred said...

Hi there,

A friend has put me on to your Blog and I enjoyed thgese photos...they bring back many good memories and many places that you have shown & visited are quite familiar....and your Ladies are "beautiful"!!
Will be back in LOS in aweeks time and can't wait to see my lady again.