Saturday, 27 December 2008

Whilst Getting Over The Christmas Indulgence,

and letting the food settle, look here for some trivia, taken from a book, Brilliant Answers by AQA 63336, 16 million-plus bizarre questions sent to text message service AQA (the British company Any Question Answered that responds to queries on almost any topic by text) since it was set up four years ago, the book does not have 16 million entries but below is a few of the ones featured in the book, How many ants could you fit in a jumbo jet and it could still take off? The average ant weighs 3mg. Taking account of aerodynamics, a jet containing 46,500,000,000 (46.5 trillion) of them would still be able to take off (assuming one of them knew how to fly the plane). Why did the composer Ravel write a concerto for one hand? He composed the Piano Concerto For The Left Hand in 1930 for his friend, the Austrian composer Paul Wittgenstein, who lost his right arm in World War I. Who is the most portrayed character in film? Sherlock Holmes has been played by 72 different actors in 204 films. Basil Rathbone played him 14 times. Who got more fan mail than The Beatles? Hitler received more during the Thirties and Forties than The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Madonna combined. Why are Apple computers called 'Apple'? The founders chose the name so that it would come before rivals Atari in the phone directory.

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