Saturday, 6 December 2008

Friday Night Not At A Restaurant,

normally on Friday nights Jeff and Da, Diana and myself and occasionally Mike and Riza eat out, but this Friday we decided on a home grown bar-b-que, Diana above peeling the carrots,
and Mick's wife Mas preparing the peppers for the salad,
Mas who is an excellent cook showed Diana how to make kebabs,
and Mas made a delicious chicken curry,
chicken curry and rice,
Diana and Mas starting the bar-b-que,
Jeff and Da very kindly brought two bottles of wine, Domaine Montplo
and this Santa Alicia, personally I liked this one but Jeff preferred the Domaine Montplo,
Mike, Jeff and Mick,
Jeff brings his decanter along to allow the wine to breathe,
a great selection of salads,
Diana, Mas and Riza,
Da helping with the bar-b-que,
chicken curry with rice,
English sausages from Jimbo's,
Marga, and her friend and Riza,
all of the girls had a nice time, the Baileys bottle went down a bit!
more chicken and sausages,
Eric arrived with a fine bottle of Penfolds Private Reserve,
Eric was spoilt for choice of food,
cheers from me, Joe also called in as he was in town,
Hi! from all the girls,
and I nearly forgot a nice chocolate desert, "Cheers!"

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