Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Another Trip To The Dentist's, But Hopefully For The Last Time,

then we went to the big hairdressing store on Pattya Tai, if you leave Friendship and turn to the left it is about 250 meters down the road on the same side, above I am looking across the road with the store behind me looking at Soi 14 Pattaya Tai, a huge bottle of shampoo or conditioner 135 baht,
this is looking towards Friendship,
and looking towards Second Road, the store is easy to find as outside it has lots of barbers chairs and other hairdressing accessories,
another shot looking across the road, pharmacy on the corner, if you want a game of pool in a UK run pool hall go along this soi (14) for a few meters and turn left into the car park, at the back of it is a well run clean pool hall, ques can be purchased there if you want your own one 1,500 baht each and upwards,
next stop turn left after a few meters in to the soi that connects Pattaya Tai with Soi 17, the blue shop is the place for face powder, nail polish, lip stick etc,
looking towards Pattaya Tai,
and towards Soi 17, it is at the far end of this street that I get my 60 baht haircut, Diana loved looking around both places, it is a lady thing I suppose! all that make up and stuff, but for me all I wanted was to get home for a cup of tea!

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