Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Monday, Monday,

I think the line goes,
from a Mama and Papa's song, well a quite day for us, Mick and Mas called round for a cup of tea, we went to IT City or Dot Com or Tuck Com or what ever else the IT center is called and bought a 10 meter extension cable so I can charge the battery on my truck, I only use it every month or so and the battery gets a bit flat, we used the extension I normally use on the Christmas lights, also we bought a couple of games for Diana and in a stroke of luck (for us) at the bottom of the escalators a bundle of money was just laying there rolling as the mat went under the guard,
straight away Diana said she would buy me my dream computer the Apple iMac with the 24" screen and 3.06 processor with 512MB memory, I did not have the heart to tell her we needed to find another 79,600 baht on the floor!

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