Saturday, 13 December 2008

Off To The Theater,

to watch Pattaya Players A Christmas Carol, we first saw the Pattaya Players at Horseshoe Point on our Halloween night out,
but tonight it was of to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital, they have a number of rooms that can be hired out there, 6 of us went as a group, Diana, Da, Jeff, Honey Mae, Geff and myself,
first stop the roof bar, well not quite the roof but 10 floors up,
Geff and Jeff under a full moon,
myself and Jeff, the misty effect was expertly created by Geff who took the picture,
all of us sitting in the second row from back,
the stage is set,
after the first act it was out to the bar again,
Honey Mae, Da, Jeff and Diana,
there was a raffle, Diana won a prize, it was a gold color ball and bowl,
Diana shy but happy! and the prize,
Honey Mae also won a prize, a 1 hour massage at the Eden,
Geff also won, his was a meal for two at Jameson's,
on to the second act, the ghost of Christmas and Ebenezer Scrooge,
Mr. Scrooge himself,
after the play a very apprehensive Diana meets Ebenezer Scrooge,
and the rest of the cast, very enjoyable and in many places quite funny as the production was a comedy, there is another production in the pipeline for the 3 - 5th of April so I will do a post when I get more details, but now off for our evening meal as it is Friday.

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