Monday, 8 December 2008

Sunday At Jeff's,

we all arrived at Jeff's,
Mr. Tony, Mick, Mas, Diana and myself,
between all of us we had an impressive collection of wines, quantity rather than quality from Mick and myself, quality wine from Jeff and Mr. Tony,
whilst the temperature was fine for most of us Diana was a bit cold,
Jeff lives on the 14th. floor, whilst at some time Mick had worked at great heights in a quarry, he was a bit apprehensive at the edge of the balcony, as was I!
but it has to be said it is a lovely view of Pattaya,
all of us having a chat over vodka sodas and gin and tonics,
Da, Mas and Diana,
Mr. Tony and Jeff,
before dinner the 4 of us went on a pub crawl, first stop we called in to see Ray at Kilarnaries between Soi's 4 and 5 on the hill,
then to the Winchester, which was pretty full as it was Sunday so there was free food there, we then went to the Jade House before heading back to Jeff's
Jeff was feeling a bit frisky when we got back,
then it was a glass of wine from the Wyndham Estate,
then it was pose by the sunset,
myself and Diana,
Mas and Mick,
Mr. Tony enjoys the wine,
Jeff has made a number of holographs that he has on his walls, the only slight problem is that the lighting has to be at a precise angle, so you need a torch to see them,
I tried to take a picture of the leopard, but not a good picture I am afraid!
next a bottle of Santa Helena, which was very nice,
then time for a couple of bottles of champagne,
a before meal raspberry liquor,
the food, mountains of it! arrives,
there was so much food but we some how managed to finish most of it,
many thanks to Jeff for providing so much food and drink,
"Cheers!" from me,
and all of us,
then Mr. Sleep paid us a visit,
there was so much food that the spare table collapsed!
over looking the bay at night,
Da and Jeff getting a bit frisky again!
then Mr. Sleep paid us a second visit!
and said Hi to Jeff as well! a fun time was had by all, but I think there could be a few sore heads this morning! Cheers!

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