Friday, 5 December 2008

Christmas Has Started!

we had another busy day yesterday,
first off we went to Lotus to buy Christmas cards to send to the UK, it took ages to write them all,
then it was off to the post office in Soi 5 Jomtien,
we got there just before 4.30 when they closed, glad we made it as today is the King's birthday so the office is closed,
looking along Soi 5 to the sea,
and towards the immigration office,
we then went to the Royal Garden, Diana wanted a McDonald's, but outside the Christmas decorations were in full swing, a huge blue tree and white reindeer,
Diana by the reindeer,
in the background one of Diana's favorites, the Big Mac! we looked around Royal Garden for a couple of hours trying to buy a small plastic Christmas tree, but with no luck, so it was off to Lotus on Teppresit, found a small one there, only 99 baht with three strings of lights and a few strands of glitter (not Gary!) the total came to 300 baht, so then home to drop it all off, as next stop was to Friendship for the turkey,
Diana struggling to hold the Butterball turkey, then it was off to Nick and Maureen's as they have very kindly offered to cook at their house for us on Christmas and Boxing day, if you want to know why it is called Boxing day look here,
the turkey in it's new home!
Nick, Diana and Maureen, well of course we had to have a couple of drinks there as it was their night off,
Ta-Taa is now looking well, she had a few problems with her coat but in the past few months it is full and looking very nice,
when we got home Diana was so excited about the tree that we had to make a start on it,
a few bells and sparkly stuff,
and lights,
it must be Christmas,

and a few lights outside,

and the first few presents for Diana under the tree.

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