Tuesday, 16 December 2008

We Went To The Weekend Market In Teppresit Road,

if you have never been there it is a nice way to spend a few hours, it is situated on the Tepprisit Road on the right hand side if you are traveling away from Jomtien, we arrived at 5 in the afternoon whilst it was still light and many of the stalls were still getting ready, the advantage of getting there a little early is that is easier to park and walk, all to soon though the sun went down,
and the stalls lights were turned on,
there are sections that are for clothes, shoes, jewelry, secondhand goods, fish, plants, toys, DVD's etc,
and of course food,
lots and lots,
of food!
the market has two shrines, I believe one for the land, and one for the buildings,
at the far end of the market next to the organisers office,
this is the plant section, although not as big as the market in Bangkok, there is still a large variety of plants available,
from orchids, to catus,
with garden figures as well,
and lots of their animal friends,
after spending a few hours looking at all of the stalls we had a sit down, this is a view looking towards the food section,
and us with a beer to cool down, having said that this is now the cool season, so I only had the one beer, Cheers!

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