Friday, 10 August 2018

A New Take On Uber,

where electronic devices are not allowed,

in say for instance Amish communities, how do you get a cab? well Timothy Hochstedler from Colon, Michigan, has created a one-of-a-kind “Amish Uber”, He isn’t actually affiliated with Uber, but has stepped up to fulfill the needs of an area lacking in taxi options, all he does is around town with his buggy, advertising his services as “Amish horse buggy rides: $5”, instead of making a request on your smartphone, you’ll have to flag Timothy down, then hop in his buggy, as with Uber and other ride-shares, you can also choose to have others picked up on the way so you can split the costs,

and the neat thing is instead of a car, which the Amish community would not use, the horse and cart is perfectly acceptable, “Most of them (passengers), aren’t from Colon, but the Colon people have given me a few options like: ‘Would you give me a ride to Curly’s? Would you go to my house?’ And, yeah I’d do that,” Hochstedler said, “It was fascinating. It’s not an activity you typically associate with the Amish,” said Bruce Jordan, an out-of-towner who treated his grandchildren to an Amish Uber ride around the area, locals also seem to enjoy this unusual service, “I don’t think there’s Uber down here, so it’s pretty cool. It gives people that option that can’t drive or don’t want to drive or shouldn’t drive,” said Becky Phelps, a regular Amish Uber passenger, what a neat idea, both for locals and tourists.

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