Tuesday, 7 August 2018

I Just Love,

neon signs,

 as indeed does photographer Dennis Isip who intends to intends to preserve hong Kong's glowing signs,

through a series titled The Neon Archives,

 recently this saturated element of the city has begun to disappear as maintenance and rent costs rise and government regulation steps in, 

 started in 2017, the ongoing photography series captures this retreating feature of the city’s culture with images that preserve Hong Kong’s vivid nightlife, 

 “Neon lights define Hong Kong’s character and without it, the city’s identity is lost,” he says in an interview, 

“The Neon Archives hope is to capture each neon sign in Hong Kong before they fade away.”

 speaking of which, here are a few photographs starting with the one above of neon signs that I took on our visit to Hong Kong, for a look at one of our days in Hong Kong have a look here, and for the post that I took these photographs way back in 2013, have a look here,

 not as good as the ones that Dennis Isip took,

 but I like them,

 the sign that says it all, 

and of course I could not make a post about neon signs and its effects with out including a photograph from photographer Xavier Portela, whose work you can see more of here.

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