Friday, 3 August 2018

Off To The Beach,

so beach clothes on,

 and we were ready to go,

 to the pathway that leads directly to the beach from the condominium,

 as soon as we walked in the road,

 some excitement,

 it was tree pruning time,

 a basket was lowered over the 3 phase cables, 

 and workers trimmed or took down leaves and branches that could cause a problem in the future, 

 then on to the beach, where one of the local fishermen repaired one of his nets,

 a little overcast looking towards Sattahip.

 Diana strikes the pose,

 we almost had the beach to ourselves, 

 we had decided on breakfast on the beach, a club sandwich for Diana,

 chicken noodle soup for myself,

 add plenty of extras, like fish sauce and peppers,

 and I was good to go, the price for the day including the hire of loungers, food and a beer or three, was 800 baht, 

arriving home after our evening meal we decided on a change of tack, instead of a film we watched 4 or so Bargain Hunt's, two teams of amateur collectors have an hour at antiques fairs from Glasgow to Gloucester and other points around the UK, in that hour they must acquire the best bargains possible on a budget of 300 pounds, and they are given help in the form of an antiques dealer or auctioneers to advise them, the team of helpers and presenters pictured above, great fun,

then a real change, as we experienced The Carbonaro Effect, Michael Carbonaro, an experienced magician, performs illusions and magic tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, there is just a slight problem, as more people tune into his programs, he is being recognized before the deception begins, but neither the less it is great entertainment

here is just one clip from the many you can watch, it is called Gene Splicing Mice, a customer walks into a pet store to buy some food for his pet, the Carbonaro Effect then starts to happen, each trick so addictive we just had to watch another, and another and another and in no time at all, it was late and we were off to bed.

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