Monday, 6 August 2018

Over The Years,

we have watched many American 'Road' movies,

 and seen so many roadside attractions, but this is the oldest, 

 Lucy the road side elephant, completed in 1882 in present day Margate, New Jersey, at a height of 65ft. the elephant’s eyes contained telescopes and acted as an observatory for visitors, its manager claimed to see, from the elephant’s back, Yellowstone Park, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris!

it was built by American real estate magnate James V. Lafferty when he embarked on the most Edwardian PR stunt ever, to build a gigantic elephant, it was a thing back then, but the years took their toll, by July of 1970, she was ready for her facelift, and a move to a new area on S. Decatur Ave. the local population raised money for a face lift and the 90 ton Lucy cruised down Atlantic Avenue to her new home, for more on this story of huge elephants have a look here.

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