Thursday, 2 August 2018

Take Two Of The Most Basic Items,

paper and a common blade handle, 

 with a fine point, then add the magic ingredient, skill,

 and this is what you can achieve, 

 Yorkshire-based artist and printmaker Pippa Dyrlaga, produces these stunning works of art that are incredibly detailed paper cuts of plants, animals, and abstract designs with hand-replicated patterns,

 we have featured her work before, back in June 2017,

 Pippa only began paper cutting in 2010, a year before completing her Masters degree in Art and Design and Curation at Leeds Metropolitan University, on finding inspiration and imagery that would work well for her style and craft, 

 Pippa comments that ideas tend to flow from her surroundings and from other projects. “Most of the time one piece will lead to another, but I sometimes get an idea that I just want to try out, something I have been thinking of for a while. I have always lived in quite inspiring and green places, filled with local wildlife and flora, and much of my inspiration stems from being outside and enjoying it, and feeling like a part of  it.”

Pippa also comments that the blades and handle are the main weapons in her arsenal. “Papercutting doesn’t require anything fancy,” she said. “The tools are as simple as the medium. The rest is practice!” She does, however, have personal preferences when it comes to the paper she cuts (good quality, acid-free, and from sustainable sources), and there are a few measures taken to ensure that the works stay flat, dry, and away from the harsh sun. “Paper cuts are surprisingly strong,” Pippa said, “but they can’t take much damage so they do have to be handled and stored safely, just like any paper.” to see more of Pippa Dyrlaga’s work, follow her on Instagram, just paper and a blade, amazing!

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