Sunday, 5 August 2018

This Looks Like A Nice Little Earner,

like many of us,

 we could always do with an extra few bob, and this looks like a great way to earn them, selling “Brain Synchronization Caps” the accessories are supposed to cure wearers of various health conditions, like insomnia, migraines and even cirrhosis, as well as treat mystical conditions like spells and curses, the Johor-based company in Malaysia, Sihulk is currently selling the caps for 1,200 ringgit ($295) or 1,000 ringgit ($246) for registered members, they are basically simple cotton caps with the Sihulk logo on them, Sihulk founder, 46-year-old Suhaini Mohammad, recently told mStar that people don’t understand how the brain synchronization caps work, although they don’t rely on any type of technology or proven scientific principle to cure the wearer, the caps are allegedly sewn by hand using a special sewing technique known as ‘Falaq’, a closely-guarded company secret responsible for their miraculous properties,

 according to the company’s Facebook page, brain synchronization caps will start to work their magic only after being worn continuously for at least 5 hours and 56 minutes, the company also mentions that the duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the condition, some illnesses may take a week to cure, others as long as one year, Suhaini Mohammad currently has over 200 sales agents promoting his brain synchronization caps all over Malaysia and claims to have already sold over 100 of them, there is some criticism in the media regarding the effectiveness and cost of the caps, the entrepreneur says that devices capable of curing mystical conditions can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so his product is actually cheap,

and to prove the point the Sihulk founder said that they offer a money-back guarantee if the brain synchronization caps prove ineffective, but mentioned that so far no one has asked for their money back, and even better news is that Sihulk also sells blouses imbued with the same power of falaq, for the much more accessible price of 313 ringgit ($77), however, they only protect the wearer against spells and curses, so you’ll still have to get the caps if you’re interested their healing properties, mStar reports that Sihulk brain synchronization caps are currently being promoted on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so as I mentioned in the opening title, these products do seem like a nice little earner, all that money for a cotton cloth cap, if only I could find out the secret of how they worked we could sell them, end up with a few bob, and be healthy too!

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