Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Whilst I Had A Busy Day,

going around town,

 Diana popped into Central Festival to go window shopping, for myself I popped into town to drop off some money for a friend of ours, then to the hospital, to make an appointment for tomorrow, next stop Num Chai service centre, our television had decided to go on strike last night, so the secretary at the repair centre said the technician will call round tomorrow afternoon,

 I parked up at the rear of TukCom,

 and made my way up Pattaya Tai, 

 past Friendship on my right,

 and in to see Doctor Chanis, my toothache had not gotten any better overnight, so just over an hour and a quarter and 5,000 baht later most of the work on a root canal on one of my molars was completed, and off I went with a pocket full of antibiotics and an appointment to call back Friday morning,

 into friendship to pick up some walnuts as we were getting low, then I had to remedy a motorcycle malfunction that occurred earlier in the morning,

 the aluminium bracket that held on the left hand side rear view mirror and the switches for the horn, high and low beams and turn signals cracked, the mirror only just holding on, so into the repair shop, whilst that was being replaced I walked to the bank, money needed for tomorrow's hospital check up amongst other things,

back to the repair shop, 200 baht later and it was then a stop for some petrol, and finally off home, 

after our evening meal we had to huddle in front of our laptop, where for this evening we watched Independence Day: Resurgence, all action and special effects galore, great fun, and the good news another Independence Day, the third is rumoured to be in the pipeline, we spent more than a few hours between chatting watching again on the laptop, fails on YouTube, some so funny and some so downright dangerous, 

then our next and final film of the evening, Murder on the Orient Express, which we knew the answers to before watching the movie, was still neither the less a delight to watch, before rounding off with a couple from Columbo, I will only be making this one post this morning as I have a 08.00 appointment at the hospital, so with the end of tonight's Columbo we were off to bed.

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