Thursday, 1 November 2018

We Had A Busy Day,

we moved to a bigger condominium,

 and this is it,

 in another building,

 and we were up on the sixth floor,

 with a view of the sea,

 and surrounding area,

 inside although it does not look it,

it is huge,

 and has 3 bedrooms,

 so we are definitely OK for friends to stay!

 and it has a jacuzzi,

 the main bedroom has a balcony, 

 looking across to the the Pattaya tower,

 so move over next stop a late breakfast,

 or I should say lunch at Tara Court,

 I want that one! there was a cake stand on the way in,

 so a small English breakfast for Diana,

 and the big English breakfast for myself,

and it was big! the price for both was 330 baht,

 so after lunch,

 we were off to Tesco Lotus,

 to buy a few things,

 like the latest Magnum hazelnut ice cream,

 in the evening we were out,

 so glad rags on,

 and a walk to Dongtan beach

 a quick pose,

 and we were on our way, passing some of the many restaurants on the beach road,

 the beach sign now repaired,

 as well as restaurants there are shops selling beachwear,

 the sun was going down,

 as we passed the Jomtien Palm Beach restaurant where we have eaten before, 

 a couple watching the sunset,

 which seems popular,

 and this is where we were going, Akvavit grill and Bar, to meet Mr.Tony,

 for starters both Diana,

    and Mr. Tony choose the toast skagen, which was prawns in dill mayonnaise, served on toast topped with lumpfish roe, 

 for myself prawn cocktail, 

 and I have to say it,

 the prawns were huge, 

 on to main courses, for Diana, 

 pasta carbonara with a fresh egg,

for Mr.Tony the special of the week, 

pork with a rich gravy,

which looked delicious,

 and for myself,

 a 200 gram steak,

 all of which was served by the charming staff here,

 'Cheers!' from all of us, 

 for desserts we shared a fried banana ice cream, 

 which I have to say is not a favorite of mine, but these things have to be tried,

 meal over we said our farewells to Mr.Tony,

 we made our way back to our new home, 

 passing some of the food stalls,

 arriving home we had a better view of the hotel in the distance,

the side of which puts on a light display every evening,

and here is a short video of it, we watched a couple of Crime and Investigations, and then for us we were off to bed.

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