Wednesday, 21 March 2018

A Bit Late For This Year,

but make a note for next year,

if you want to see artworks like these, each year, the Falles celebration honors Saint Joseph in Valencia, Spain, with festivities and enormous monuments burnt during the final day of the affair in the town square, this year, Okuda San Miguel created a massive work for the event injecting contemporary, vibrant style,

the Las Fallas celebration dates back to the Middle Ages when excess winter supplies were torched in an equivalent to a spring cleaning,

 today’s rendition takes a more grandiose approach, paying homage to Spain’s history and culture with spectacular displays of pyrotechnics, the dates are easy to remember as each year, the Las Fallas estival in Valencia takes place on the same dates, the main events run from March 15 to March 19, but numerous events take place in the fortnight leading up to this week, there are fireworks every lunchtime from the first of the month, as well as parades, shows and other festivities,

all of that artwork, up in flames, as an aside if you are thinking of travelling there next year, during the evenings, and especially during La Cremá, it’s best to wear thick clothes with ample coverage to shield yourself against explosions and heat from the flames, it's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with fire and firework safety, throughout the festival, you’ll be exposed to all sorts of blasts and blazes, and when I say you just missed it, just 2 nights ago Okuda’s “Falla” was set ablaze.

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