Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Other Than One Picture Was Taken In The Daytime,

and the other at night,

what is the difference between to two pictures?

well if you use them for commercial purposes the one taken in the day time is legal, but the one taken at night could land you in a heap of trouble, unless you have requested prior permission and pay a licensing fee, actually it is not the tower that is copyrighted, it is the lights, and here is the reason why, when Eiffel bought the design he bought the copyright too, but then he died in 1923, 70 years after that, in 1993, the copyright lapsed, just like with any other artistic work, however, the lights on the Eiffel Tower weren’t installed until 1985, therefore, since they’re considered an artistic work, they are well within their copyright term, for this reason, any photo taken at night when the lights are visible is an illegal reproduction of a copyrighted work, I wonder how many companies around the world have produced a coloured travel brochure and shown the tower at night, not realising they are breaking the law concerning the copyrighted lights?

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