Thursday, 22 March 2018

Why Is It,

that I do not have a barn,

 with one of these sitting in it waiting to be discovered? this is the Ferrari Daytona, a car so rare people didn't believe it actually existed until it was located in a barn in Japan,

 Ferrari had, in fact, only ever commissioned one street version of its Daytona with a full aluminum body, completed in 1969, the car was exported to a Japanese dealership in 1971 and then featured in the January 1972 issue of Car Graphic, a Japanese motoring magazine,

 after passing hands several times, it ended up in the barn of its last owner, Makoto Takai, some time around 1980,

the car is in “barn find” condition and is being put up for sale unrestored, the speedometer displays just over 22,000 miles, RM Sotheby’s sold the car for £1,570,944, (at today's rate $2,225,804) if only I had a barn like this one.

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