Saturday, 24 March 2018

I Stumbled Across These Amazing GIFs,

showing how ancient moments would have looked in their heyday,

 this the Parthenon in Greece, 

 Temple of Largo Argentina, Rome,

 Nohoch Mul Pyramid (Coba), Mexico,

 Temple of Luxor, Egypt,

 Temple of Jupiter, Italy,

and Hadrian's Wall, England, NeoMam, in a project for Expedia, has resurrected several ancient buildings through a series of gifs, in a matter of seconds, centuries of natural and intentional damage and decay are reversed to reveal a rare glimpse at what the original structures would have looked like, the creative contractors behind the labor-intensive renderings are Maja Wrońska, and her husband Przemek Sobiecki, who work as This Is Render, what amazing pieces of computer wizardry.

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