Sunday, 25 March 2018

I Had To Have A Second Look,

when I saw some of this street art,

Venice-based artist Manuel Di Rita, who works under the name of Peeta, creates illusionary paintings that create new dimensions out of walls and buildings,

 whether he’s using spraypaint, oils, or or acrylic latex house paint, the artist is able to play with the existing architecture and perspectives to create entirely new ones,

  in a statement the artists said “In my pictorial, sculptural and mural compositions my geometrical shapes act as they interact with the surrounding environment,” 

adding “In particular, when painting on walls, I have always been aiming to create a dialogue with the structural and cultural parameters of the surrounding context, either architectural or not.”

but his artwork extends not only to buildings he also paints on wood panels in the jungle, his work certainly made me look twice.

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