Sunday, 25 March 2018

My Luck With Electrical Things,

is always bad,

the new printer I purchased just a few weeks ago stated to display the message above, even though all of the ink tanks were three quarters filled,

 so off to park opposite The Grand Day/Night Hotel,

 and make my way to TukCom with the picture on my camera, as soon as the owner of the stall where I bought the printer from saw the picture, she knew the answer, pointing to the same model I had, she pointed to a button and said, 'when you see the low ink, press this button here for 10 seconds' evidently it resets the ink levels to full, I will try it next time I do some printing,

 I decided to charge the battery of the Honda that we have not used for some time, the new battery charger did not work, so back to the shop on Sumkivitt Road, the owner put it on a battery and it worked, then on to another and it did not, the explanation was simple, put it onto a battery that is fully charged, or is totally dead and will not accept a charge, and it will not show that it is charging, the Honda battery needed replacing, 

 arriving home I swapped batteries, the bike started and the new battery accepted a charge, next pump up the tyres and all was good to go, I really should alternate the bikes to keep them both ready to go, so that is the plan, 

 as it was Saturday, it was time for a water change, 40% water out, 

 and replaced,

 in the afternoon we were off, to Prichai Seafood restaurant,

 before we went to our table,

 a quick look around,

 mangrove crabs, similar in flavour to the Cromer crabs we eat in the UK, later we will have one of these in a curry sauce,

 and some of these shrimps, that will be steamed,

 whilst fascinating to watch and keep as a pet, we will give these mantis shrimps a miss as we do not like the taste of them,

 we decided against a lobster but there are plenty here for anyone wishing to try one,

 baby clams,

 and lots of shellfish were here as well,

 we arrived early about 4.00 in the afternoon, there was still plenty of room,

 but around 6.00 the place really started to fill up, 

 time for a photo shoot,


 stayed with me as Diana and Mum went on the beach,

 next Jim and Cher arrived,

 and food was served, steamed shrimps, prawn doughnuts, 

 morning glory and baby clams for our starters,

for our main course, filleted fish in garlic, 

 curried crab, 

 and another plate of seafood rice for our main course, 

 a quick pose,

 to round off the meal, Tom Yum Goong, a spicy seafood soup,

 kept warm at the table by a small burner underneath the soup bowl,  

 Diana served, we decided on a desserts of tubs of ice cream, which cooled palates down a tad after the soup,

 we made our way past almost Christmas like decorations,

before taking a final picture of the evening, for the 6 of us, included a couple of beers, a large bottle of coke and one of water, plus wine corkage, the bill with tip came to 3,000 baht, 500 baht per person, if you fancy an afternoon or evening meal, the restaurant is in the town of Ban Amphur, go along the Sumkivitt Highway past the Ambassador Hotel on your right, then turn right at the next set of lights, take the first on the left, dive a few hundred meters and you will see 3 or 4 restaurants on your right, park up and enjoy, we said our goodbyes to Jim and Cher, then home feet up, a couple of television quiz shows and we were off to bed.

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