Friday, 30 March 2018

Many Of Us Have Hobbies,

that revolve around collecting,

 in my case stamps, but here is a collection I would never have thought of, disposable hot drinks covers,

 the first question is, how many can there be?

well the answer is over 500 different shapes, designs and colours,

this collection is from Louise Harpman who works in the realms of architecture and urban design, she has gathered over 500 different examples to date, constituting the world’s largest collection of its kind, kept in museum-worthy conditions, these covers represent different things to different people, they are symbols of capitalism and modern to-go culture, they also highlight a design evolution that has been anything but linear, why, for instance, after all these years, have we not settled on a single solution? showcasing her collection is a way to encourage people to look more closely at objects we pick up and throw away without a second thought, so the next time you order a coffee to go, take a moment to appreciate the lid sitting discreetly between you and your drink, and ask who designed it this way and why, I will stick to collecting stamps.

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