Thursday, 29 March 2018

In The Growing Old Looks Department,

where did I go wrong? 

Hu Hai, from Shanghai, China, was born the same year as I was, 1950, but he has aged so well, for myself I look my age, so how did Hu Hai keep his youthful looks? as a child, Hai practiced several sports, and even though he never pursued a professional athletic career, he credits his passion for physical exercise for his youthful physical appearance and spirit, the 68-year-old said that it was actually a combination of factors, to keep in shape he practices yoga, meditation and hanging upside down for 30 minutes a day, the latter apparently reduces wrinkles, keeps his skin from getting saggy and even prevents hair loss, in terms of diet, Hu Hai prefers small but hearty meals, and also takes a variety of health supplements, including vitamins and collagen pills, but what truly makes Hai appear so much younger than his age is his attitude,

 He claims that he continues to feel 20-years-old and will probably feel that way until he draws his last breath, to him age is just a number, and as long as he feels young, that number doesn’t affect him at all, “Everyone will be old someday, there’s no way to avoid it,” Hu Hai told Read01, but if you feel old and are just waiting to die, if you don’t want to learn or experience new things anymore, you really are old, no matter your age.” Hu Hai believes that each person has three ages: the mental age, the physiological age and the physical age, the last two can be measured by medical instruments and tests, and Hu claims doctors told him he has the body and bodily functions of a 40-year-old, but his mental age is much lower, “I think my mental age will always be 20-years-old,” Hu Hai says. “Regardless of what others say, I am 20-years-old, I can do what 20-year-old people can do.” So there you have it, the secret of eternal youthful looks, 

 as an aside Hai first made headlines in China two years ago, when he participated in a local talent show for senior citizens in Shanghai, shocking both the audience and the jury with his boyish looks and attitude, which greatly contrasted his age, He bagged the title of Most Modern Grandpa and has since made appearances on television, in fashion magazines and even at modelling events.

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