Friday, 3 August 2018

How Not To Save US$3.00

washing your car,

it seemed like such a good idea, instead of paying 20 yuan ($3) on a car wash why not grab a sponge and drive your Land Rover SUV into a shallow stream and wash it, I mean what could possibly go wrong? well according to a report from the Fire Services Department in Dujiangyan, China’s Sichuan Province, last week, a local man had to be rescued from a nearby river after driving his Land Rover SUV into the water to wash it and getting stranded on a small islet, the man told rescuers that he simply wanted to wash his car so he wouldn’t have to go to the car wash and pay the 20 yuan fee, but he didn’t expect the floodgates of an upstream dam to be opened causing the water level to rise almost instantly, before the driver could get back into his car and drive away, the furious waters of the swollen river reached the SUV’s engine and threatened to wash him away, 

fortunately, he was able to reach a nearby islet, but he became stranded there with nothing else to do but sit and pray that the strong currents didn’t wash away his car, eventually, bystanders called the Dujiangyan Fire Services Department and a team of firemen managed to rescue both the driver and his SUV. a video of the entire ordeal was later posted on social media, where it quickly went viral, the incident was not without comment, “The car is absolutely clean now,” one person commented on Weibo.

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