Saturday, 4 August 2018

Many Years Ago,

well back in 1960,

when I was just 10 years old I remember a very catchy advertisement on the television, titled, 'unzip a banana' and this is it above,

 the advertisement was brought to mind when I looked at the latest work from British sculptor Alex Chinneck,

 Chinneck’s newest monumental manipulation is a condemned office building in Kent, England, the 1960s structure seems to unzip from its middle with a XXXL zipper, revealing the ruin of the forgotten interior,

 two folded segments near the top act like a collar, giving the entire installation the appearance of a retro polo shirt, we have featured his work  a couple of times before on the blog

if you want to see the unzipping building you will have to be quick,as it is soon-to-be-demolished, the work is called, Open To The Public, and was opened on August 2 at Brundrett House, Tannery Lane, Ashfield, TN23 1PN, unfortunately I do not have any times of when it will be demolished.

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