Saturday, 4 August 2018

We Parked Up Opposite,

the Grand Day Night Hotel,

 Diana went shopping,

  starting in TukCom,

 whilst I made my way past the coffee stall we normally buy our takeaways from,

 next past Soi Bukaow,

 and the works going on next to Friendship,

 and past Friendship itself,

 to Doctor Chanis, for the next treatment for my root canal,

 that finished I was next off to the hospital to pick up my results that I had forgotten on Wednesday,

 we both arrived home at about the same time, then great fun as Diana had bought me a pair of headphones for when we go to the beach, only 200 baht or so, but they were so good, I was amazed, about 25 years ago I bought a pair of Sony headphones, at the time very expensive at over £100, which were supposed to be good, and they were, but these for just a few pounds were if anything better! how times have changed, also Diana had bought a pair of speaker for the laptop, so we can now watch and listen to some of our favorite shows on the Internet, the speakers in the laptop left a lot to be desired,

 in the evening we were out,

 to Thappraya Road,

 past the big television screen,

 at the end of Thepprasit Road,

 to one of the waiting bhat buses,

 looking back to the screen above the traffic lights,

  the screen is huge,

 I started at the end of the market, Diana stayed on the bus as she was going to Tesco Lotus,

 one of the mobile fruit sellers,

 I made my way along the stalls,

 to where I normally take a couple of pictures,

 slight cloud looking towards Jomtien, 

but clearer skies looking inland,

  past the toy stall,

 and to the bar, behind which tonight,

 there was a stall selling handbags and shoes,

 then what I thought last week was going to be a water feature suddenly made sense, 

 the 'pool' was going to house the motors for an escalator,

 new for this week, a shop selling pictures of film clips,

 along with stars and famous people,

 the fruit stall up and running, 

 and we will definitely be buying some of these this evening, mini grapes,

the wicker shop,

 hada couple of Japanese style, dresses on display,


 and red, 

 I walked down to the pet section,

 looking at the shops,

 the staircase now finished,

 and the aquatic shop getting ready for business,

 sunset over the market,

 I walked up hill,
 and along to the bar,

 and waited,

 for Jim to arrived, and most kindly had brought some chocolate all the way from America, a big thank you Jim! we had great fun as we chatted the evening away, 

 we decided to have a meal,

 so off we went shopping in hand,

 to the Jomtien Complex,

 and this is where we were going,


 Diana decided on a 3 courses set menu at 395 baht, she choose a chicken starter from the choice of 5,

Jim went with prawn wonton,

 for myself, sizzling prawns in garlic butter,

  note to self, let them cool down a tad before eating them!

 on to our mains, chicken in a mustard sauce for Diana, 

scallops for Jim,

which I will try next time we are here,

 and a steak for myself,

 on to desserts, a banana split for Jim, an ice cream for Diana, 
 and I just had to have the special,

 with brady,


 and expertly poured,

 over sweet bananas, flavoured with cinnamon and muscovado sugar, 

did I mention the fresh cream? diet starts next week! we chatted the rest of the evening away, and after saying our farewells walked home, feet up for a couple of reds, then for us we were off to bed.

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