Thursday, 9 August 2018

Night Photography,

I just wish I was good at it,

 and could produce images as good as these,

  Elsa Bleda is a photographer who captures the haunting power of this nightly transformation,

 a focus of her work is her home, the city of Johannesburg. “There are many realities,” Bleda writes in an epigraph to the series featured here, titled “Nottingham Road,” 

  “Shooting late at night somewhere like [Johannesburg] is like being between a dream state and wakefulness,” she said in an interview with The Drum,

 “I feel like I step into an alternate reality. It also makes me feel powerful in a way.” 

 for more of her desitively simple but incredibly difficult to shoot photographs,

visit Bleda’s Behance for more astounding images of her waking-life dreamworlds.

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