Sunday, 31 March 2013

When I First Saw This Picture,

I thought it was one of those clever 3D paintings,

but I was wrong, it is in fact a tree covered in snow at Beijing's Imperial Ancestral Temple, a mother and child walking past giving the picture scale, for us what a great shot.    

It Was One Of Those Moments When Some One Says 'Oops!'

firstly let me say no one was injured,

when a a 26-year-old mechanic, accompanied by his 19-year-old apprentice decided to take the car for a spin, the car a rare Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing Coupe sports car, one of only 1400, was left mangled in a roadside ditch following the accident near Stuttgart in Germany, estimated damages of more than €650,000 (£550,000) were caused when the luxury vehicle went off the side of the road and rolled over,

luckily the car was insured, but after the police said the speed limit of 80k/h 'was not observed, obviously', I feel that might be a get out clause for the insurance company, time will tell, at least there was one bit of good news, on hearing of the crash the owner remained calm, I think many people when hearing the news would have had a fit!

Mark Called Round During The Afternoon,

so we chatted the day away,

but in the evening it was glad rags on,
as we made our way into town,

we walked past the Diamond Beach Hotel in Soi Diamond, I had to take a picture of the revolving bar just a few meters from the front entrance, when Duncan, Steve, Harry and other friends first came out here this was the first stop of the evening,

then out of Soi Diamond and into the street itself,

as we made our way to the Lobster Pot Seafood restaurant, we looked at a few of the others, but having had a nice meal here before we went back again,

so much to chose from,

but we decided on this combination, there was a special offer on this meal for two, for 1,695 baht the price included a litter of house wine, well that got my vote!

there were lots of foods in aquariums to chose from if you did not want the set menu,

and wines if you did not fancy the house wine,

but this is one aquarium you can not chose from!

we were one of the first dinners to arrive, so we had the pick of tables to chose from,

Diana lovely as ever,

and me looking, well just like me,

I kept looking at this sign, but decided upon reflection that after a litre of wine I would be quite competent in the stagger department,

our drinks arrived,

Diana had decided on a half litre of sangria,

naturally I stuck with the medicinal red wine,

as well as the main set menu we ordered a couple of starters, prawn satay being the first,

followed by some deep fried shrimps,

though after the meal we decided that maybe next time we would miss the starters, after the meal we were so full,

so top up the glasses and away we go!

'Cheers!', from both of us,

our main course arrived,

Diana tried a prawn moustache,

whilst I tried to fillet the fish,


next get the meat out of the crabs legs,

whilst Diana demonstrated how to eat it,

and then there was none, well nearly none, but then Diana snagged the prawns before I had a chance!

Diana did enjoy the sangria, she mentioned that it reminded her of the Pimms she had when we were last in the UK in Rochester,

then after a long break our desserts arrived,

a pineapple flambé,

fresh strawberries and cream,

rum and raisin ice cream,
 mine all mine!

every dish looked so good,

we did not know which one to start on first,

decisions, decisions!
we soon gave in to temptation,


especially the sliced strawberries and cream,

I nearly made a hole in the plate,

the sauce was so nice,

we noticed that there was some sangria left,
well I could not let that go to waste,

meal over, we made our way back,

 past the bright lights of Walking Street,

I must admit I like the neon signs, but I never really know which to post if I have taken two shots of one, take this one of Sugarbaby, in this shot the sign is clear, but a little dull,

or this one, brighter but a little bit fuzzy,

but back to the meal, another hugely enjoyable evening out, the street not as crowded as we thought it would be, then motorbike taxis home,

feet up to watch some more of Kingdom of Plants in 3D, then for us as it was late for us we were off to bed.