Saturday, 31 October 2009

We Were Up Early As I Wanted To Go To Dot Com,

parking the bike nearby is always a problem, so we arrived at 10.30, just as it opens, this is the side door, the problem is that the doors open at 10.30 but only about 60% of the stalls inside are open then, we wanted to buy a water squirter thing for the bathroom as our one had a leak, but the shop in the basement that sells them does not open till 11.00, so upstairs to buy a couple of horror DVD's for Diana,
10.30 and already there are hardly any parking places, I also wanted to buy a memory stick, then on the way back we needed some frozen fish food, so a quick call into the fish and cheep (bird) shop, Diana liked the pretty in pink dog house,
over the past year a few of our fish have gone to the goldfish bowl in the sky, so whilst we were at the shop we bought a few replacements,
this is the memory stick we bought 16 kit-kats 1,050 baht,
then we settled down to watch the next episode of Our Century,
again there was so much of it that I had not seen before, I should point out that back in the UK if ever I saw that a program featuring 'old' footage was on I would always watch it, so I was surprised that there is so much unseen to me footage on these DVD's,
then it was time for the weekend market on Thepprisit, we were a bit later today so most of the stalls were already up and running,
it looked like it was going to rain so a lot of stalls had already put up their umbrellas,
ladies if you want to be a little different the one in the middle is for you! and do not forget the fingernails,
plenty to chose from,
some of the stalls selling secondhand dresses,
by now I had walked down to the plant and livestock section,
a nice orchid, though I must say I an not a fan of the yellow/green flower that it has,
now this is more like it,
there were also lots of these climbing plants,
a close up of the flower,
one of the many shops selling pet accessories,
a huskie, Diana calls them 'Devil dogs' because of their eyes,
for some reason she finds blue eyed dogs frighting,
I have seen lights like these in Bangkok, but not here in the market before,
I bought Diana a couple of dresses here, she likes the style but most of the ones we have seen have been very expensive, or the material was totally see through, but theses were the right price and made of a better quality material,
and of course Sai Jai was there, she had to move her pitch a little as someone had hired the one she was on last week,
whilst Mick, Mike and myself sat at the bar the girls did some shopping,
then the Boys In Brown arrived, so Mass and myself had to have our picture taken,
then Micks turn,
I remember as a kid there was a song about the laughing policeman,
they were there at the market giving out questionnaires about the service,
then Sai Jai called over to thank us for the pictures we dropped in last week,
then home to eat, sushi for me,
and roasted chicken feet for Mick, Mike had eaten already,
we then settled down to watch Real Life Heroes, another really for us, interesting DVD, then our friends left and it was time for bed.

Any One Fancy Going Shoping?

take me if you do, then we can rub shoulders with some of Russia's 97,000 millionaires and billionaires, yes it is Moscow's latest Millionaire Fair, held in the shadow of the Kremlin, but the star car's price this year has gone down a little, last year it was diamond-encrusted, this year merely chrome, it is a Kamrus Mercedes SLR 750 a steal at £300,000, well one has to tighten ones belt when the country's wealthiest 25 tycoons lost a staggering total of £160 billion in the latest figures from Forbes,
but there must still be money out there, and time is money, so how about a nice watch? like this Bovet watch worth about £75,000, now you will never have an excuse for being late, what it must be like to be rich!

I Thought Halloween Was A Fun American Thing,

and in the US they were not so politically correct as the UK, but it appears they are, the folks over there are trying to ban Halloween masks for being too scary, strange I thought that was the point, to scare the bejebus out of everyone, children at the Walt Disney (who brought more than a few scary characters to the screen) Elementary School in Burbank, Los Angeles, have been instructed to wear 'moderate' face paint, and masks of any kind are not allowed, many schools in the US are urging children to portray historical characters rather than past favourites, such as Dracula, education chiefs in many states have imposed the costume rules as they do not want to create stereotypes,
one California school has banned children from wearing fake fingernails while toy weapons of any kind, such as a pirate's cutlass, have been completely ruled out, this year's celebrations were hit with controversy when an adult 'illegal alien' costume made up of a mask, a prison style orange jump suit and green card went on sale at several supermarkets, masks of president Barack Obama are said to be among the most popular among adults, oh well, the PC brigade will be out in force, on the spot fines for scary mask wearers I suppose, and I thought it was only in the UK that our traditions were being eaten away.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Just What Pattaya Really Needs,

a new beer bar complex! but you never know it just might take off, it is situated near the top of Soi 5 in Jomtien, if you turn right as you leave immigration, then turn right again it will be on your left after about 50 meters, at least the builders seem to be making a reasonable job of it with what appears to be a toilet on each bar, it is just opposite the new market, so go to immigration and after that let the girlfriend have a look around the clothes shops there whilst you have a cool one! one bar appears to already be up and running, this is the view from the new road the runs parallel to Jomtien beach road,
then it was time for breakfast/late lunch, by now we have tried every restaurant we come to along Jomtien beach road, the next one is Yorkies, just past the police box on the right Yorkies is on the left,
the view towards Sattahip,
and towards Pattaya,
also if you fancy a snack on the move there are always these mobile bar-b-q's roving around,
the view from the restaurant looking towards a very hazy sea,
in the corner a small water feature,
Diana had a Thai dish with rice and a fried egg on top,
and for me a Indian chicken curry, 230 baht complete, strange really, Yorkies is really a British restaurant that makes it's own sausages and pies, as a matter of fact I bought two Scotch eggs whilst there, but we eat a Thai and Indian dish, so next time it will be an English breakfast for me,
during the afternoon the nameless one called round for a tea and a chat, just as he was leaving Mark called in, after he left Diana tried a new dish chili con carne, delicious it was to!
then we settled down to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, I have really enjoyed the others in the series and this one was no exception, I particularly liked the scene where the ship seemed to be stranded in a sea of salt crystals, then the rocks came to life,
and what better way to round off the evening than a couple of episodes of New Tricks? we are now onto the third series, Diana really loves it, so much so that she can now sing the theme tune, 'It's alright' she especially likes the chorus, particularly the second line of it!
'it's alright, it's OK,
it doesn't really matter if your old and grey'
and then to bed.