Monday, 31 March 2014

Sunday Has Come Round Again,

as usual I just do not know where the week has gone,

 to day we decided to have lunch at the Punch and Judy, it is on Thepprasit Soi 8, nearly opposite the Eden Hotel,

 Mr. Tony joined us today, for starters we all ordered chicken and liver pate,

 and for our main courses, a rack of ribs for Diana,

 cottage pie for Mr. Tony,

and lamb chops for myself,

 which were delicious,

'Cheers!', after our meal we made a move back home and chatted the afternoon away, bidding farewell to Mr. Tony it was feet up for a few from The Chase, a Midsomer Murder and three or it may have been four from Bones, then for us we were off to bed.

It Is Just So Amazing ,

what you can do with just a magic marker,

take a plain wall at the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) gallery, add California-based artist Sean Sullivan,

 give him just three months to complete the mural, (but he exceeded that timeline by four months), and you have an awe inspiring piece of art,

an image in Kern county, a huge fallen oak tree by the side of the road, was the inspiration behind this work, all I can say is what a huge talent this guy has, as he asks on his Sean's Paper-Free Drawing Blog, 'Looking forward to a similar project in the future, anyone have a big wall???'.

Sitting Outside On A Couple Of Evenings,

every week,

I often take pictures of the moon, but it appears there are some among us that are not aware that it rises every month or so.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

We Had A Quiet Day,

watching a few movies,

but in the evening it was time for our Saturday bar-b-q,

 as usual no matter where I stood, the smoke found me,

 but then a breeze stronger than the fan took hold and all was well,

 a huge pork chop for myself, but more of that later,

 baked potato on first as well as garlic bread,

 for a starter,

 prawn kebabs next,

 which took hardly any time to cook,


 after a break pork chop, potatoes and peas,

 Diana had decided on spaghetti bolognese covered with cheese,

then a real surprise, Diana had spent some time in the kitchen, I wandered in a couple of times and asked what she was doing, I was told, 'surprise', so that was that, but this is what she was preparing, instead of a banoffee pie, she had made a peachoffee pie substituting peaches for bananas, with lots of cream and of course the delicious crumble pastry in the middle, diet starts tomorrow!

we watched Elysium, a futuristic sci-fi, a classic tale of them and us, humanity has split between those on earth, the have nots and those orbiting the earth on a huge apace station, the haves, and how the have nots want it all, so a bit of a fight and the rest as they say is history, great special effects,

next The Dark Knight Rises, if you like Batman movies this is another great one, though a little slow in places, I will not spoil it for you, but Batman wins! a few more from The Chase, Midsomer Murder and then we were off to bed.

This Another One Of Those,

'you should not laugh at other peoples fears', videos,

but I did! still early for Halloween but take a witches costume attach it to a hexacopter with 50 feet of fishing line and watch the fun prankster Tom Mabe had with the flying witch,

the video has a few people and their reactions at the beginning then goes into detail about how he made the prank, now think up other items to suspend from the hexacopter, just think of all of the fun you could have with it!

'We Are Not Amused',

was the official response,

to a road sign that had been 'doctored' by Reidar Johannes Søby from the Kreativiteket art group, he told The Local, 'People live in their ordinary lives and when they see this sign, maybe they can have a little smile on their face, that's all,'
the sign, designed to encourage people to use a 'silly walk' from the classic Monte Python sketch has the backing of the local council in the Ørje, but the notoriously bureaucratic Norwegian Public Roads Administration is not so amused, 'One should not use signs that can be confused with public signs,' section chief Elisabeth Bechmann told NRK, now I should not say this, but I wonder if the 'walk' sign will start to appear elsewhere?


I posted a marriage related newspaper cutting,

keeping to a marriage theme I thought the one above fitted quiet well, although I am not sure the evening service does service to the mornings topic,

and the Ph,D award of stating the blatantly obvious goes to the story line above, of course it leads to a indoor unfrozen kayakfest, but it is still a great story line if you did not know!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

We Had A Busy Day,

in the morning,

 Alex and Hugh called in and in the afternoon Mr. Tony called round, after we said our goodbyes we were then off to the weekend night market on Thepprasit road, the pancake seller was at his usual place,

 sunset looking towards Jomtien,

 and looking inland, not many people here this evening,

 I noticed some embroidered dressing gowns,

 I would like to say hand stitched, but I guess they are made on a computerised machine,

 having said dressing gowns this one looks like a shirt,

 they were on a stall selling souvenirs,

 and then not more than 10 feet away another stall selling embroidered dragons,

 I am not sure what the stall on the left is selling, but the one on the right is selling Laurelle parfums from London,

 with balloons a plenty and loudspeakers all will be revealed later,

 as quiet as the clothes section was,

 the food aisles seemed very busy,

 although no one wanted a slushy,

 and the new food aisle had hardly any trade at all,

 new in the fashion department this week,

 printed T shirts, but instead of being white they have a pale plum colour as a background,

 I past a few more clothes aisles,

 before going to the pet section,

 which had very few customers,

 the pet boutique that was closed last week is now open again, so I guess all is now well,

 the aquatic outlet at the end of the row still here,

 sunset over the market,

 here is a new venture for the lady that owns the bar we normally sit at, she now owns this one, 

 at the end of the new food aisle,

 Diana will be buying some fresh fruit here later,

 I now made my way back to the bar,

 passing the ice cream or I should say lollipop man,

 I was now near the bar and passing the stall behind it, I still could not see what they were selling, all that was on display were a number of free giveaways and pictures of cars and bikes,

then it dawned on me, they were offering credit to buy a car or bike,

the fluffy toy stall on the other side of the bar,

still had a few yellow ducks, but my little pony,

and these cats seen to be the flavor of the month,

 this gentleman is here every week selling peanuts,

 I was then startled by a noise, the proud owner of this bike came roaring past, it seems strange that a bike that small can be so loud,

tonight we were joined by Brian, we chatted the evening away, then after saying our farewells we made a move for home, after our evening meal a couple from The Chase, a Midsomer Murder and two from Bones and we were off to bed.