Sunday, 31 July 2016

Later I Was Going Shopping,

so I parked in the Friendship car park,

on the steps the lottery ticket sellers,

I made my way across the car park,

to Dr. Chanis the dentist that we both go to, a new crown fitted and a temporary filling removed and replaced, appointment made for next week so shopping for the weekend I went,

arriving home I noticed that some more flowers had opened in the tray that has most of Diana's stinky cactus in,

several flowers on one of them in fact,

also this one had flowered again,

and this one that also had a hanging flower,

by the side of it's pot,

 the rest of the day just slipped past, then time for our bar-b-q, we started with chicken and sweetcorn soup,

 followed by garlic bread,

 then light the barby,

 which took remarkably quickly for a change,

 then Riza arrived,

 with a huge snow fish, better known as the sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria),

 Riza taking care of the barby,

 next on some chicken fillets, 


 the chicken was ready before the fish, but here the fish is,

 Diana's turn to take a picture,

 then Riza,

 and when we started the desserts Diana again,

 we had a few fresh fruits,

and a delicious home made creme caramel that Riza had made, we listened to music and chatted away for the rest of the evening, then after saying our farewells to Riza we made a move inside and we were off to bed.

There Are Dare Devils,

and then along comes Luke Aikins,

who takes the term to a new level, as if jumping out of an aeroplane at 25,000 feet is not enough he plans to do that but with one major piece of equipment missing, a parachute! yes you read that correctly, no parachute, main or backup, just some oxygen to breath, at 25,000 feet there is not a lot of it about,

but he has a cunning plan, as he leaves the aircraft he will be looking for this, a special net about one-third the size of a football field and 20 stories high, he will free fall for just 126 seconds,

and there are no prizes for guessing what will be the outcome if he misses! Luke Aikins’ historic jump will be broadcast on live TV by the Fox network as part of an hour-long TV special called “Heaven Sent.” So be sure to tune in at 8 pm. EDT (5 pm PDT), I am to scared to watch, and for those that missed it, all was well.

Luke Aikins Update,

I weakened and did watch the video, 

and with great relief can say all went remarkably well, above a short clip,

and here is the whole jump, on the left of the picture you can see the altitude diminishing as he falls to the ground or I should say net, Luke Aikins daredevil extraordinaire.

Adam Winrich

has set set 21 Guinness World Records,

and this is one of them, the longest whip ever cracked at 238 feet and 3 inches long, that is going to take some beating,

and here it is in a video, 

some of the other feats he has performed are these,

Most Bullwhip Cracks in One Minute (253 & 257)
Most Stock Whip Cracks in One Minute (272)
Most Whip Cracks with Two Whips in One Minute (420 & 513)
Fastest Whip--whipping 10 targets (4.85 seconds)
Most Candles Extinguished with a Whip in One Minute (50 & 85 & 102)
Most Drink Cans Broken with a Whip in Three Minutes (23)
Most Bottles Caught with a Whip in One Minute (18)
Most Roses cut from the mouth with Boleadoras in One Minute (23)
Most Roses cut from the mouth with Boleadoras in Two Minutes (45)
Most Straws Crack Whipped from the Mouth in One Minute (53)

Most Flowers Crack Whipped from the Mouth in One Minute (44)

for a look at some of his other stunts have a look at his website here, amazing!

A New Rule Was Brought In,

by the operators of New York's subway,

 it reads, 'No person may bring any animal on or into any conveyance or facility unless enclosed in a container.' no mention of what the container should be, so cunning New Yorker's came up with a new game plan,

 to allow them to use the subway,

with their pets, transport the pet in a shoulder bag so now everybody is happy, although the dog above seems a tad miffed.


as I have never seen them before,

 way back in May 2014 we featured some stunning pictures from Australian photographer Steve Axford,

 well he has published some more of his pictures of of fungi, slime moulds, and lichens he has found in forested areas near his home in New South Wales,

 but this time he has ventured further afield to Xishuangbanna, China and Chiang Mai, Thailand, what wonderful pictures of a miniature world that so many of us have just waked by.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Another Early Start,

as I am off to the dentist,

 so straight on with today's post, we made our way past the coffee seller,

 and the side entrance to TukCom,

 crossing Pattaya Tai,

 and into Soi Bukaow,

 to go to the Tuesday and Friday day market,

 lots of produce for sale,

 I also had a look at the aquatic stall,

 which had a few nice,

 Siamese fighting fish, (Betta splendens),

 they are called fighting fish,

 because two males will fight for territory, their part of the stream or pond they live in, but these have been selectively breed for their colour and large fins,

 back to farm produce with pineapples, melons and bananas,

 black and white rice,

 and here white and black mice,

 a quick look at the permanent aquatic shop,

 and back over the road,

  to the coffee stall and home,

 in the evening glad rags on,

 and we were out to Central Festival,

 outside street stalls,

 have taken over the entrance, 

 and on the 6th floor,

 this was where we were going,

 it sounds strange, but then down the escalators,

 to the Edge restaurant, we had a table booked for 6.30,

 before we started to eat,

 I had a quick look around,

 at some of the, 

 dishes to tempt us,

 there was a bar-b-q for seafood,

 and a number of heated dishes,

 Diana's favourite, pizza!

 and a carvery with tonight beef and lamb,

 lots of condiments,

 as I passed this cooking station I was so reminded of Brighton pier where there is a fresh doughnut stall, the smell was just so delicious both here and there,

 there were just,

 so many desserts to tempt us,

 talk about spoilt for choice,

 and of course the two chocolate fountains,

 sushi anyone?

 well maybe latter but on my way back to the table, a glass of bubbly,


 Diana had a quick look outside,

 not many dinners there as a storm front was moving in,

 the islands in the distance hidden by falling rain,

 this view from the outside dinning area,

 and looking down, 

 this seating area looked so nice, but not today, 

 on to our meal, a selection of cold cuts and salmon for myself,

 some cheeses later,

 after our first course I went outside,

 the sky really grey now, 

 one of the restaurant/disco ships in the bay as bright as ever,

 but the sky was not,  

 pizza for Diana,

 another glass of bubbly for myself, 

 sushi and shrimps for myself, 

 rock lobster and sea bass in banana leaves for Diana, 

 followed by more pizza,

 and you have guessed it,

 a dessert dish,

 it seemed a shame not to have a top up as one of the charming waitresses passed us,

 for myself, to the barby!

 rice, pad Thai and three huge prawns,

 and a change to red wine,

 Diana looking as beautiful as ever,

 the wine waitress was back,

 next Diana was,

 looking at,


 there was just so many,

 to chose from,

 oh the agony of choice!

 and we must not forget the fresh doughnuts,

 for myself on to my main course,

 I was so full, well we both were, 

 by now it was late,

 I am not saying we were the last to leave, but we were pretty close! 

 a few pictures,

 on the way out,

 this is the corridor that leads to the restaurant,

 and lifts to the hotel above,

 we went for the Friday evening buffet, but there are other day time options,

outside the mobile bars had set up shop, but for us a taxi home, a nightcap and we were off to bed.