Saturday, 31 October 2020

I Am Only Making One Post This Morning,

as there are quite a few photographs,

and we are up early for a weekend to Ramsgate, "something for the weekend sir?"

Diana was first,

with her glad rags on,

as she was up to London to meet Wilma,

well Christmas will be here soon, so upstairs to start wrapping up Diana's Christmas presents,

the one without the bow is mine,

I was soon out,

going through Beckenham Green,

looking at the ghouls,

and pumpkins,

scary dairy!

I am guessing this will be a favourite with the kids,

to have a photograph taken,

I can just see Diana sat there,

a last look the green,

then what better than Halloween being just around the corner,

than to have a walk,

through the graveyard?

deep breaths, and all will be well,

the church that seemed to be under repair for the past few years,

now completed,

and this is where I was going, the doctors surgery, for my yearly flu jab, finished quicker than I can type this, and I was on my way,

to buy my evening meal at M & S,

past the flower seller and home,

meanwhile, Wilma,

and Diana,

had made their way to Harrods,

for a photograph,

with a couple of the doorman, and then inside for lots of looking and shopping,

window shopping finished in Harrods it was time to eat at Kintan,

the girls went for the bar-b-q,

Diana getting to grips with the chop-sticks,

as was Wilma,

the girls did not take many photographs,

but they did make a couple of videos,

meal finished it was time for a walk about,

to the swinging 60's Carnaby Street,

next into Louis Vuitton, 

for a personal viewing, invitation only!

decision made, 

and the girls were off,

for coffee and cake,


and Diana,

in seventh heaven,

in this coffee and cake house,

the day ending too soon, the girls made their way home,

Diana arrived home, just as I was starting my evening read and sherry, 

and my starter of chicken breasts,

followed by,

chili con carne, then feet up for the evening, to watch a couple of Midsomer Murders, then for us we were off to bed.