Thursday, 31 March 2016

Straight On With Today's Post,

as we are out early to go fishing,

 I popped out briefly to pick up the bait and some money from the bank,

 then it was glad rags on,

 Steve had stayed at Siam@Siam Design Hotel and mentioned how nice it was,

 so we thought we would look it up on the Internet,

 and noticed that there was a seafood buffet today,

 so that was it,

 off we went to the Big Fish on the 6th. floor,

 it was in fact two floors tall, 

 with art work featuring, you guessed it, fish,

 the restaurant is open all day but the buffet was advertised as opening at 6.30 in the evening, we arrived a tad early and it was already open with a few tour groups eating, but by just after 6.30 we almost had the place to ourselves as they left,

 no sooner had we sat down that a candle was lit,

 we were lucky in that we had a window seat, with a view looking towards the sea,

there was some construction work on the right of our view,

 all settled down,

 then it is time to begin, when you chose your food it is cooked then brought to your table,

or you can help yourself to precooked dishes,

 there area number of chillers by the food section with salads in them,

with sushi,

and desserts,

 on to the main courses,

 and what a selection,

 10 or so heated dishes,


 fresh oysters,

 a selection of seafood,

 and meats all waiting to be cooked,

 there was also a chicken kebab to sample,

 with plenty of bread and rolls on offer we were spoilt for choice,

 I picked some seafood to be cooked,

 and then a few starters,

 this was my seafood selection, Diana had pretty much the same,

 a few starters whilst the food was cooking,

 then the seafood arrived,

 along with Diana's,

 and this was her selection, 

 as I mentioned earlier,

 we almost had the place to ourselves, although it did fill up a bit later on,

 back to the food, hash browns,

 with roasted lamb and beef, so I had some of those,

 Diana decided on a dessert,

 well a few in fact,

 meanwhile I chose a couple of lamb chops,

 and a couple of slices of the roasts,


 hash brown, roasts and vegetables, what could be better?

 a couple of lamb chops to go with them!

 then the food that Diana was having cooked arrived,

 by this time the candle had burnt down, it was so romantic,

 almost just the two of us,

 on to desserts, Diana went to the crĂªpe station,

 I was full to bursting, so no desserts for me, I ordered a latte coffee,

 but I had to finish the wine first, well it seemed a shame to waste it,

 also included were a couple of biscuits,

 just right for loading up with cream,

 I am not sure what the time was when we finished, 

 but it was late, the meal was from memory was 650 baht for Diana and 950 baht for myself, I opted for the free flow wine, which flowed very regularly! a great place to dine out, but be warned, arrive hungry, there is so much to try, we took a yellow and blue taxi home, arriving there a nightcap and we were off to bed.