Thursday, 30 November 2017

Again We Are Only Making One Post Today,

as we are off early to immigration,

yesterday we popped over to the FedEx office in Naklua, a few hundred yards going up the hill towards Naklua from the Dolphin roundabout, the office is on the right-hand side, the first thing we noticed was that there is now no parking out side, the space where we used to park on the road is now a bus stop,

this is the sign to look out for,

 and the bicycles on the pole,

 the office, 

 is at the rear of a courtyard,

 normally a fountain is operating here, but with Christmas just around the corner, now a Christmas tree, 

 this is the second thing about this trip that we found out, I had thought the office opened at 08.00 but it does not open until 10.00, 

 during the afternoon we popped over to see Mr. Tony and Booie,

and with Booie's talent at growing produce, gave us a hand of bananas and this huge double headed pineapple,

 in the evening it was,

 glad rags on, 

 and we were off to the Momento Beach, it is on Soi 8 off of the Thepprasit Road,

 we made our way past the bar,

 to the seating area around the pool, 

 we were not sure if it was going to rain, so we sat undercover,

 firstly an amuse bouche,

 and a bottle of bubbly, 


 Diana's starter arrive, 

 a Caesar salad, it looked and was huge, and this was the small one! 

 then my starter arrived, 

 the small cold cuts,  

 I had to have another glass, 

 we had a long break between courses, and were watched by one of the local cats, 

 then heavens above, the main courses arrived, Diana decided on a chicken kebab,

 I decided on the prawn one,

 a quick pose, 

 then on to the food,  

 the prawns were the biggest I have ever been served, 

 I should also mention that under the kebab there are some vegetables, I chose sautéed potatoes, Diana went with chips, 

 so shells off,

 and there they were,


 now time to relax before our desserts,

 a tiramisu for Diana, which came with it's own coffee and vanilla ice cream,

 which she thoroughly enjoyed,

 for myself the baked Alaska, 

 the presentation spot on, 

 note to self, let the flames die down before eating, 

 and it was so delicious, 

 I have to say it, this is one of the very few restaurants where the desserts tempt us both so much that we have one each, praise indeed, the bill came to just a tad over 2,700 baht, including an extra glass of wine, what a meal! 

we, our I should say I, rounded off the meal with 2 complimentary drinks, then home, feet up, a few quiz shows and we were off to bed.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Many Of Our Friends Will Know,

when it comes to anything electrical, 

 I am cursed, we woke bright and early and made our way to the Immigration Centre on Jomtien Soi 5, and joined the queue for the forms for an re-entry visa, 

we were given the forms which we filled in and also went next door to have photostats taken of our passports, we then joined the queue for a number to submit our passports and forms only to be told, 'today computer not working, come back tomorrow', the curse of electrical malfunctions seems to be following me everywhere! we decided not to come back tomorrow as everyone from today and tomorrow will be there, so a trip again on Thursday for us, at least all we have to do is change the date on the forms,

 as we were here and had already decided on breakfast at the Surf Kitchen, we parked up on Jomtien Beach Road,

 and watched for a few moments the operatives of this huge truck, 

 cut palm leaves, look out below!

 oops! all went well as the road was cordoned off by police officers, and a truck that shreds the leaves was doing a sterling job, 

 into the Surf Kitchen,

 some Thai food for Diana,

 and a prawn cocktail for myself, we both had an ice coffee and the bill came to just over 300 baht,

 we arrived home, then in the afternoon made a move to TukCom,

as usual we parked opposite The Grand Day/Night Hotel and walked down to it, Diana went shopping in the market, whilst I popped into the bank, then a stop at the take away ice tea and coffee stall, and we were home,

after our evening meal, Diana had some Thai food she made for herself, whilst I had a delicious Parsons pickled cockle sandwich, we then watched this evenings episode of The Chase,

which we followed with another from The Bond box, The World Is Not Enough, great fun and action as Bond takes on the villains and villainesses of the world, and by a strange quirk of fate wins, 

we rounded the evening of with a couple from Murdock Mysteries, and with that we were off to bed.