Wednesday, 30 March 2022

We Both Had Busy Days,

so I will post Diana's first,

Diana meet Kai on the train,

and made their way to London,

to the tower of Big Ben now sans scaffolding,

so time for a few poses, from Kai,

and Diana,

they decided to walk along the embankment,

taking photographs,

along the way,

crossing the pedestrian bridge,

they arrived at Haidilao Hot Pot,

inside of the restaurant,

as its name implies,

you choose your food,

and then cook it,

in the hot pot,

on your table,

the girls ordered and cooked all of the meats and seafood above,

and some desserts!

a couple of poses, Diana,

with Kai,

meal finished,

and they were on their way,

a quick video of the food they ordered, yes it was a lot, but window shopping builds up an appetite! the bill came to £120.00,

back to shopping and Chinatown,

and into one of the many tea and cake shops,

spoilt for choice,

tea and coffee waiting for their order,

and here was some of it,

they had ordered some cakes, to eat there,

and some to go,

along with some drinks for the train, Diana arrived home in the late afternoon shortly after myself, so on to my day,

I left home before Diana and made my way past the new double yellow lines, to meet Steve, who was kindly going to drive us both to see Duncan in the nursing home near Sevenoaks,

we arrived and after having a test for covid and being negative made our way inside, Duncan was in fine spirts, we were allocated a 30 minute visit but we were still chatting away an hour later, after saying our farewells,

we then drove to Polhill Nursery,

and made our way past the seafood stall,

and inside,

looking at the succulents,

and cacti,

before going to the outside section,

lots of colour,

as well as grasses,

these primroses looked slightly different from the ones normally offered for sale,

and at this time of year,

lots of different pansies,

many bicolored,

like this one,

the nursery must have just had a shipment of pots,

they were everywhere,

and in different colours,

by now we were both hungry, neither of us having eaten breakfast,

so to the café in Hayes it was then, a full English breakfast for Steve, a bacon sandwich for myself,

Steve dropped me off at home, I then called the dentist, I had been having a toothache from a root that had been left in, as luck would have it they had a cancelation,

so out I was again, 

past the magnolia and out of the park,

passing the Pearl,

I made my way to the 227 bus stop, in the distance on the green a new feature,

double chairs,

there were two on the green but I had already noticed a few more around the High Street,

the daffodils in the churchyard still looking nice,

into the dentist where I was given a prescription for some antibiotics, so back on the bus to Beckenham to the pharmacist, where it all went mustang, the pharmacist refused the prescription, and would not call the dentist to clarify what he did not understand, so back on the bus to the dentist,

the dentist made a couple of scribbled notes on the prescription and I was back on the bus to the pharmacist, this time all was well, so on to the next bus home, but why does this sort of thing always happen to me?

arriving in the park it was nice to see not only last years tree flowering, the pink, but the white from the year before as well,

the new yellow lines,

with them in place hopefully the daffodils and other plants that have now disappeared will next year start to make a come back, Diana arrived home just after myself and after a quiz show it was time for our evening meal, after which I started on the blog and Diana started packing, tomorrow we are up early and away for a couple of days to Southend-on-Sea, so this will be the last post for a few days, in the evening we watched a Midsomer Murder followed by a New Tricks before we were off to bed.