Monday, 30 May 2011

We Had A Few Problems When We Returned,

so as soon as we could we called Arry, the first problem was that the intruder lights had filled up with water and were on 24 hours a day, so new ones were going to be fitted, it appears that whilst we were abroad the wind and rain in Pattaya was really bad, the lights were not protected enough, but for us it was Sunday, for today's lunch we had decided to visit the News restaurant on the road that runs from Pattaya to Jomtien,
a very nice buffet greeted us inside,
we were the first arrive, every thing was laid out, nice and spacious,
Diana started on chicken satay with a selection of salad,
I should of mentioned we met Mr. Tony there as well,
for me satay, sliced chicken with salad potatoes,
another helping for Diana,
my next course consisted of Swedish meat balls, spare ribs and very tender peppered beef,
'Cheers!', from me, the cost of this feast? just 199 baht a head plus drinks, bargain!
arriving back to the house work had started on the second problem, the plastic water tank had sprung a leak,
so it had to be emptied and patched with a epoxy resin to seal it,
hopefully in the next few days Arry will be back to put it back in place, good job we have two tanks!
the good news was that the rain brought a couple flowers out like this one, also the computer was brought back so I spent Monday bringing the blog up to date, the bad news is that it crashed again, so if our blog goes quite again you will know why!

Next Day And Last Day,

off to the airport, we settled on a couple of sandwiches,
as we waited the skies opened up,
considering every time we looked at the weather in Singapore before we left it was raining every day, the weather was really very kind to us, the new camera a Panasonic DMC TZ 18performed far better than expected, which just goes to show how improvements, serious ones, are being made all of the time, after eating we had a look around the duty free shopping arcades at the airport and was stopped in my tracks by this two - stroke Harley Davidson, it looked just like an old Francis-Barnett I used to own in the early 1960's,
I wondered what on earth it was doing here, on a chemists stand,
notice lack of rear suspension, good job the seat is sprung!
then I found this legend, it appears that Kiehl's has a huge collection of Harley's that it exhibits around the world,
next we visited a plant display, if only Heathrow could be as nice,
as we waited Diana wrote her Mum a postcard and posted it at the airport post office,
also for the amusement of many you could take crayon rubbings from wood blocks,
then up and away, goodbye to Singapore,
we watched the movies,
blue skies all the way,
after the sub 2 hour flight we were approaching Bangkok,
any minute now!
then we were home, next day although it was a Saturday we decided to go to the night market,
there was a clothes stall opposite the bar,
a few cabbage patch type dolls for sale this week,
a few more stalls in pet section now closed, I hope not for good,
then back to the bar to meet up with Bill,
later being also greeted by Geoff,
in the evening Mike and Riza called in for a tea and a chat, then for us off to bed.

We Enjoyed Ourselves So Much Last Night,

we went back to Clarke Quay again,

the good news tonight was that some bands were playing,

in truth I do not know who they were, but they were very good,
also we decided that we enjoyed the meal and the view so much last night we would revisit the Warehouse Bistro,
first a fruit juice for Diana,
and a refreshingly expensive beer for me,
prawn cocktail for Diana, with mussels for me,
opposite was this restaurant, although difficult to see the neon reads, 'no signboard seafood,
next course Diana again had the chicken,
the mushrooms that accompanied it were so nice,
as was my steak and wine, 'Cheers!',
another fruit juice for Diana,
again they were really nice,
'Cheers!', again from me,
Zai the manager/owner, I do not know yet again took really good care of us on our last night in Singapore, the bill? 200 Singapore dollars, exactly £100, we had a great time, who knows we might go again in two years time for the next show,
the restaurant and Zia's card, then for us back to the hotel and bed.