Friday, 31 July 2020

Up, Early,

and away!

 we meet up with Steve and Kai, who kindly drove all of us to,

 Castle Farm Lavender Farm, again I am only making one post today, as there are lots of photographs and today we are out early again, 

 wise move by Diana and Kai, bring a hat!

 Steve had ordered tickets, unlike Mayfield, you can not just walk in, admission is strictly controlled by Internet ticket sales,

 we firstly were given a short introduction to the history of the farm and different types of lavender,

 we also had a quick look at the farm shop,

 a quick pose by the girls,

and the photo shoot began,

 the field was a lot smaller than Mayfield,

  so it was difficult,

  not to include strangers in the photographs,

 but with a little bit of forward planning,

 it seemed like we were the only ones here,

 we will come back to the bench a little later,

 but now it was time to take in the aroma,

 as it happens lavender was being harvested in nearby fields,

 and the aroma filled the air,

 one last pose, for the moment,

 the field was narrow and long, going uphill,

 well I had to get my photograph in somehow!

 back amongst the lavender,

 and on the bench was Diana,

 one more, then we saw,

 Steve and Kai in the distance,

 they had wandered to the top of the field, and were now making their way back,

 Steve looking very fetching in his matching blue shirt and hat,

 time for a double pose from the girls,

 or two,

 and one or two from Kai, looking right,

 and left,

 a few more,

 of Diana,

 the girls,

and one of Diana,

 Steve and myself found some shade to sit in,

 not so the girls,

 as they almost disappeared,

 into the lavender,

and then they saw me,

 a last look across the field,

and of the lavender, 

but before we go, a video from Diana, and with that we were away,

 where we joined the queue for the restaurant,

 admiring the flowers as we were queuing,

 they looked so good,

 just a shame they were not real!

the restaurant keeping to social distancing,


for Steve and Myself, Cornish cream, jam and a current scone,

for the girls a shared pizza, with chips,

followed by ice cream,

we then drove to Steve and Kai's garden,

where the marrows were getting bigger than ever,

as was the sweetcorn,

Diana was cropping carrots,

runner beans,

and onions, many thanks to Steve and Kai, who then dropped us off home,

 for our evening meal, sea bass for Diana with salad and dill,

a huge prawn salad for myself,

'Cheers!', we listen to music for most of the evening, then feet up for a late New Tricks, a nightcap, and as it was now just after midnight we were off to bed.