Friday, 20 May 2022

It Appears The Next Door Neighbours Roof,

has become the ducks favoured stopping off point,

for a number of consecutive days,

there have been at least two on the roof,

in the morning I stayed in, Maggie had asked me to give Len a hand assembling a bench she had ordered and put it in the garden, 

it is for all of the residents to use, which was nice of her to do so,

next for myself,

shopping, so into town,

but first I called into the railway station, to buy the tickets to see Duncan next week, I have the plan already, a number 54 bus to Blackheath Village station, a train to Dartford, then a change of train to Gravesend and finally a bus to the nursing home, this weeks visit was a learning curve of how not to get there!

I should mention that one of the ticket officers likes her tropical fish,

it makes a nice change to see them every week instead of just plain anonymous walls,

I walked past the green,

and church,

and noticed a bench I had not seen before,

the legend,

as I neared Lidl,

another bench, this one dedicated to honey bees, shopping finished and I was going home, whilst I was doing all of this Diana had traveled to Wandsworth,

and joined the queue, next month Steve, Kai, Diana and myself have a trip to Paris planned, but as Diana does not have a UK passport she needs a visa to visit, so she has to apply for one here, after a couple of hours her visa was granted, I think you can guess where her next stop will be, 


Jollibee in Leicester Square of course!

Diana mention the square was packed, it was the premiere of Top Gun 2,

which made no difference to Diana as she tucked into her meal,

next stop,

the Filipino ice cream shop, just round the corner in Soho,

on the train and home,

we decided on a film, Thor for this evening, after which it was one from New Tricks and a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

We Have Never Been To Japan,

but would like to,

not only for the famous sites to see, but also to walk around the back streets, where apparently tiles are used so often on the roofs of homes to the fencing around them, as you might expect, if you wanted one or two or perhaps half a dozen tiles for a home project it would be pretty much impossible to buy just a few tiles,

but not any longer, 

the Tile Kiosk is based in the town of Tajimi (Gifu prefecture) which has a 1300-year history of producing ceramic tiles for industrial use, it is the home of Mino ware, which was born out of the region’s rich soil and high quality minerals. The Tile Kiosk’s mission is to bring this history, and the region’s diverse output of forms and glazes, to the home,

so if you want just one tile to add to your rooms d├ęcor,

for your own slightly different unique look, this is the shop to go to, I found the story on Hakoniwa, will we ever go to Japan? I have no idea, but it is on the list! as an aside if you are going Japanese this company ships internationally, Nihon Ichiban, I have not used them but they have an amazing amount of Japanese products for sale.

We Have Featured Many Makeup Artists In The Past,

and it is still a mystery to me how it is done,

to achieve results like this, but good news is that Esther Aular, a talented makeup artist from Bogota, Colombia,

 who goes by ‘Nekita’ on TikTok and Instagram, has been posting photos and now videos of her transforming herself into various pop-icons and fantastic creatures using only her makeup skills and rudimentary props,

“My type of makeup is surrealism and optical illusion looks. It takes four to six hours to do most looks but sometimes it can take eight to 12,” Esther Aular recently told SWNS,

"But it’s my art, my emotions, it’s what I live and love, so I find it easy to come up with ideas. I just take my face and do my makeup and become who I really am,” she added,

which are her real eyes?

and here is one of her videos showing how the make up was taken off, look on her Instagram page for more, what an amazing transformation.

Thursday, 19 May 2022

I Was Out Early,

but first I posted yesterdays blog,

there were here again,

three ducks today on the roof, it seems strange, there are so many parks and ponds in the area where they could rest, why then should they choose the roof?

on my way,

the trees in full foliage now,

the rhododendron in Foxgrove Lodge in flower,

further along,

one of the peonies,

just starting to flower,

first stop Beckenham Junction,

the footbridge still needing its floor,

change at Bromley South 

to Rochester,

whilst waiting, 

a quick photograph of the castle and cathedral,

and some work going on next door to the station,

25 or so minutes or so later and I was back crossing the bridge, but on a different line,

arriving at Gravesend I noticed this,

platform 0, I can not recollect ever seeing a platform 0 before,

opposite the bus stand where several busses stop, the Somerset Arms,

10 or so stops and a long walk later, (the directions from the lady at the home sent me in the wrong direction), and I was here,

at Duncan's new home,

which unlike the previous home had a nice view, we chatted away, before it was time for me to leave,

the good news was that I now knew where the bus stop was to return to the station,

the the bad news I had just missed the hourly train to Blackheath Village, and I did not fancy the almost hour wait, so I had two choices go to Dartford and change trains to Blackheath and wait for a number 54 bus, or stay on the train another 4 stops and the catch a 54 from Woolwich, I decided to stay on the train,

in the distance the Dartford bridge crossing,

I arrived at Woolwich,

the stop is on one corner of the square,

in the distance,

one of these shops used to sell live eels which were gutted and cut up before your very eyes back in the 1950s, when people were not so squeamish, the front of the shop was open, inside cauldrons boiling away where the eels were put in jelly, one day there was great fun for my grandmother and myself, a tray of eels had slipped and eels were all over the pavement, the shopkeeper said to us "if you can pick 'um up you can keep 'um" he knew that to pick up a live eel was next to impossible, but he did not know my grandmother, quick as a flash she reached into her shopping bag and gave me a piece of newspaper, as soon as an eel touches newspaper it is easy grab hold of, in no time we had so many eels, great fun,

the bus arrived and I was soon going past the water feature in the square,

turning left,

past Gordon Square, heading towards home, on the way passing Maryon Park that we visited way back in January 2019, where parts of Blow-Up were filmed,

onto Blackheath,

on the right the park we often visit,

the church on the heath,

we do not normally see it from this side,

through the village,

past St. Margaret's churchyard,

and Lewisham market,

it seem strange coming home this way, normally when we go to the heath and park we take a water taxi to London and come home by train,

the never completed building, still behind shutters,

nearly home,

the Beckenham Hill entrance to the park,

I stayed on the bus and went into the Foxgrove Lodge entrance,

the flowers in the lodge looking nice,

the trees full of leaves,

arriving home it was soon time for my evening read and sherry,

a chicken curry for tonight,


I had another look at the succulent flower, it seems to be doing quite well, feet up until Diana arrived home then a coffee and a chat before a Midsomer Murder and a New Tricks, rounding off the evening with a Silent Witness before we were off to bed.