Thursday, 5 May 2022

For Myself,

this was grab a mug of coffee time,

in the same year as San Francisco’s earthquake that killed more than 3,000 people and destroyed 80 percent of San Franciso’s architecture and infrastructure, two cinematic trailblazers in 1906, filmed the historic “A Trip Down Market Street.” traveling from 8th Street to the Embarcadero, the 13-minute journey documents San Francisco’s environment from the perspective of a cable car, they were The Miles Brothers

 the camera which I guess was huge, was set upon the front of a tram, and although many would not have known what it was, the sight of one of the brothers hand cranking the camera drew some members of the public's attention,

and this where it gets intreating, a new colorized version of “A Trip Down Market Street” returns to the pre-disaster scene in an incredibly clear and bright view of the city, restored by NASS, the reimagined footage increases the speed from 15 to 60 frames per second, upgrades the resolution, and adds a soundtrack that residents might have heard around the turn of the century, NASS’s update offers a glimpse of the city and its people before it was irrevocably altered, Prelinger Archives, San Francisco has the original 35mm footage, which you can watch on Internet Archive, and visit on YouTube for more of NASS’s restorations, I have seen more than a few reimagined films, this is one we posted back in August 2020, what amazing images.

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