Friday, 6 May 2022

As It Is Diana's Day Off,

I will only be making one post as we will be out early,

back to Thursday, there they were, on the roof of the house next door,

four male ducks taking 40 winks, for myself it still seems strange seeing ducks perched on a roof,

I was out before Diana, a nice day, just a few clouds in a blue sky,

it was an important day, the country gets to cast their votes for officers that serve on local councils,

so into the polling station, for better, or I guess worse my votes, three of them are cast,

I walked through the green,

and past the church billboard,

I really must find out what is on, it might make a nice change to see a live band again,

in the distance W. H. Smith, stationers, as I proved that my printer would not take glossy photo paper I decided to buy some better quality plain paper to print the shop's gift vouchers on, paper purchased, I started my walk back home,

as I neared the church,

I noticed another billboard with up coming events on,  

I retraced my steps through the green,

and went into the Co-Op shop nearly next to the polling station, milk and a few other bits and pieces purchased and I was on my way home,

the wisteria flowers on Foxgrove Lodge have sadly started to show the first signs of finishing, I had thought this year would be a bumper crop of flowers, but there were not as many as I had expected, maybe there will be more next year, arriving home it was upstairs to print out the gift vouchers, which went sort of alright, the backs with the serial numbers did not align with the front, what a pain, up a bit, down a bit, eventually I had £5, £10 and £20 vouchers printed and numbered, so the next time I go to the shop for some RO water I will drop them off, after my evening meal it was feet up for a Midsomer Murder and a New Tricks, two of which were being shown back to back, and nicely just before the second started Diana arrived home, so a coffee and a chat whilst we watched that episode, finally one from Silent Witness before we were off to bed.

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