Monday, 31 December 2018

We Were Out For Sunday Lunch,

so glad rags on,

 for our walk through the park,

 and on to the number 54 bus to Blackheath Village,

 we passed the flower shop,

 looking as colorful as ever,

 new for this week daffodils,

 walking over the bridge I noticed this warning sign, I am guessing since it was put there the bridge has been reinforced, 

 on to the road that passes the church,

 and on to the heath,

 a quick rest,

 as the footballers do the same, 

 the last time we were here on a weekday there were just a few cars, today hardly a parking place to be had,

 with crowds of people everywhere,

 everyone admiring the view,

 and queuing to go into the observatory, 

 we walked down to Greenwich Village, the Cutty Sark in the distance,

 and headed for the square,  

and this is where we were going,

it has an imposing corner site, but it was not always a restaurant, 

as this tile legend in the floor of the entrance shows, 

 it was busy as you might expect,

 but in no time at all we were upstairs with our drinks,

Diana chose a macaroni cheese,

  which she said was very nice,

for myself a steak, which was also highly enjoyable,


 meal over downstairs we went,

  we had planned on looking around the Cutty Sark, but decided to leave the visit till a weekday, when it will hopefully be not so crowded,  

 but we did decide to visit the Greenwich Market,

  which was inside the main square,

 we walked past Oliver Bonas, a store that Diana likes, this week having a sale,

 into the passage way,

 that leads to the market,

 if anyone has watched the film Now You See Me 2, this is the public house the trick with large cards was performed outside,

and if you have not seen it, this is the trick,

 into the market we went,

 I had a quick look over the shoulder of this gentleman,

  as he drew a football stadium,

 this stall selling lights made from car parts, the one in the middle, discs from the braking system,


 another brake disc and an air cooled cylinder head,


 and pictures, 

 of smug giraffes!

 there were lots of clothes stalls,

 and other stalls selling manly new goods, the last time we were here there was a mix of 50/50% stalls selling new or vintage items, the one above,

 selling cards like this one,

 I have no idea what these are,

 I am guessing small purses for lose change,

 a quick look at one of the many permanent shops,

 that line the outside of the movable stalls,

 lots of Christmas lights,

 and then I saw it,

 the perfect zip up jumper for myself, 

and a matching hat, Diana was not amused, I thought it was quite nice,

 having said there were no vintage stalls, there was just one, selling old cameras,

 we passed one of Diana's favorite stalls,

 selling macaroons,

 and another one,

 selling cakes,

 we started to make our way back,

 passing a watch stall,

 we had not seen before,

  and the artist,

 still hard at work,

 back trough the rear entrance, and on to a 180 bus which took us to Lewisham,

 in between stops we walked through the High Street,

 stopping opposite this church,

I waited outside whilst Diana popped into a shop or three,

 then a familiar clip-clop, 

 as two mounted policemen rode by,

on to the 54 bus then home, 

after a evening snack we watched Star Wars VII, The Force Awakens, we have not really looked at any of the Star Wars movies, it was entertaining, although I am not sure if we will watch another one, and with that we were off to bed.