Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Take An Associate Professor Of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, And Human Genetics,

and add an interest of fossils and prehistoric sea creatures,

 plus the ability to make detailed computer renderings and cast them into 3D prints and casts them in bronze,

 and this is what you get,

 finally detailed casts of his sculptures many of which are inspired by ancient creatures like the trilobite, which existed for over 270 million years before its extinction 250 years ago, D. Allan Drummond is at the University of Chicago,

  the professor/artist also creates modern-day insects such as praying mantises like this one, 

the detail is stunning,

 as can be seen from these photographs, 

 and some are jointed,

Drummond currently has a solo exhibition titled “Curiosity” at Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle through to January 6th, 2019,

 visitors are encouraged to remove the bronze pieces to explore the underside in greater detail—a part of the creature which is often eroded in fossils over time,

  You can see more of Drummond’s metal recreations of animals past and present on Instagram

in addition to several large individual sculptures, the show features a grid of wall-mounted trilobites that pay homage to the work of the 19th-century illustrator and naturalist Ernst Haeckel, whose work we have featured before, what a fascinating we to look at the now extinct and what a skill to produce such finely detailed sculptures.

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