Thursday, 27 December 2018

We Had A Quiet Boxing Day,

having said that,

 Steve called by in the evening,

 back to the day,

 a bottle of bubbly,

 to go with Sunday lunch,

 roast beef with Yorkshire pudding for today, Diana's with gravy,

 none for myself,


and to round the meal off, a mince pie and a port, after a small snack in the evening and Steve's visit it was feet up for a couple of films,  

firstly Noah, an almost epic film, but it just seemed to lack something, watchable, it was all there, stone monsters, fight scenes, good and evil, great special effects, but it was not an epic as I think it was supposed to be,

on a slightly happier note we rounded off the evening with Pompeii, a plot many of us have seen before in other movies, slave makes friends with high powered family girl, makes it to Gladiator, slays evil senator who wants to marry said girl, appears to rescue her from Pompeii, and it is 'goodnight campers' another great special effects movie, but as predictable as the dawn, especial the scene where the father of the girl is going to murder the senator after the Colosseum stand they are in collapses, but there it is, and with the end of that we were off to bed.

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