Friday, 14 December 2018

It Has Been An Event,

for the past seven years,

 the Amsterdam Light Festival invited visitors to observe 29 light-based works by international artists, designers, and architects along the canals and throughout the historical center of the city, above OGE Group, “Light a Wish,” Amsterdam Light Festival 2018, all images © Janus van den Eijnden, 

 Alicia Eggert, “All the Light You See”

 Frank Foole, “Waiting”

 Gali May Lucas, “Absorbed by Light”

 Jeroen Henneman, “Two Lamps”

 Michela Bonzi, “Antenna Sud”

 Peter Vink, “Mr. J.J. van der Veldebrug”

Ivana Jelić & Pavle Petrović, “Starry Night” this past month Artworks were inspired by this year’s theme, a quote from media scientist Marshall McLuhan: “The medium is the message.” the Amsterdam Light Festival continues to light up the city through January 20, 2019, You can see more documentation of this year’s festival on their website, it seems that light shows are getting to be getting more popular, I had not heard of them a few years ago, just firework displays.

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