Saturday, 22 December 2018

At Home,

and at school as a kid,

 I used to grow crystals,

 from supersaturated solutions of salt or of copper sulfate, with it has to be said, not a great deal of success, I could grow the seed crystals but stalled at making them grow bigger, but I digress, 

 Sabri Ben-Achour uses natural forces to produce crystal growths and other organic additions to his handmade ceramic vessels through his own unique method of electroforming,

 by using charged electrodes he is able to redeposit metal atoms from scrap metal onto his ceramic works in the form of bright blue crystal formations reminiscent of coral,

 these creations nearly cover the inside of each piece, becoming more detailed as they grow along the sculptures’ fissures and rims,

 through research Ben-Achour has found ways to make these fragile structures more durable for his sculptural works, and can now influence their shape during the electroforming process,

You can view more of his transformed ceramic vessels on Instagram, it must be magical for him to watch the crystal grow.

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